Head Circumference Tape Measure

by WinTape

Head circumference measuring tapes and bands are durable, inexpensive, and vital for pediatricians and nurses measuring the progress of babies' growth. The average newborn's head circumference measures about 13 3⁄4 inches (35 cm), growing to about 15 inches (38 cm) by one month. Because boys tend to be slightly larger than girls, their heads are larger, though the average difference is less than 1⁄2 inch (1 cm). And the average adult head circumference to be 55cm (21 3⁄4 ) in females and 57cm (22 1⁄2 in) in males.

 Head circumference tape measure, as one of the pediatric nursing tape, is made of PP material to ensure that the tape measure has high flexibility and allows repeated use (PP made tape is washable). To check whether the baby is growing healthily or not, you can not only take the measurement of the head circumference, but also the mid upper arm circumference(MUAC). So the head circumference tape is usually served as a MUAC tape as well. MUAC of between 125mm (12.5cm) and 135mm (13.5cm) indicates that the child is at risk for acute malnutrition and should be counselled and followed-up for Growth Promotion and Monitoring (GPM). MUAC over 135mm (13.5cm) indicates that the child is well nourished.

 Wintape is a professional head circumference tape measure manufacturer. With almost 20 years’ experience of tape measure production, it can adapts to the variable market with its innovative spirit. The head circumference tape measure manufacturer produces the product by customers’ demand on the appearance, pattern and tape size. Wintape provides a various collection of head circumferences as below:Passage6-1MUAC Band Calculator For Toddlers (PP-003):The mid upper arm circumference tape is made of PP that is non stretchable and disposable. The MUAC band measures up to 56cm with 1mm graduation. It is a precise medical tape measure specially for infant and toddlers that measures both the head circumference (front side) and the symmetry of the face (reverse side).


Health Care Infant Head Circumference Measuring Tape(PT-012):The head circumference is the distance between the middle of the forehead and the farthest part of the rear of the head. The head circumference of a healthy, full-term baby is between 12.5 to 13.5 inches, that is 31.75-34.29 centimeters. The head circumference of newborn boys tends to be greater than that of newborn girls as males are born larger and grow faster than females. The head circumference of a baby matters a lot to his/her health, mothers should prepare a head circumference tape at home.


Head Circumference Measuring Tape(PP-003): Insertion tape for measuring mid upper arm circumference to assess malnutrition. Colour coded for children aged 6 months - 5 years with severe acute malnutrition cut off at 115mm. Can also be used for pregnant women and adults in development situations (including HIV/AIDS) and famine situations. Made from durable PolyArt plastic, the measurements are marked in mm in a tape measure. The length of the tape is 56cm.

The head circumference tape measure manufacturer, Wintape, is committed to providing the products of best quality, high accuracy and maximum durability.

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