500 pcs diameter tape measures been shipped to Hungary

by WinTape

Desc.: Tape Measure, 200CM on one side, 64PI on the other size
Color: Available color Case, White Tape
Material: ABS, PVC + Fiberglass
-Tape: 79" x 14mm tape
-Case: 6cm x 2cm
Logo could be customized. If the order quantity is more than 3,000 pcs, the color of the case could be customized. 

Diameter tape measures are widely used in the forestry and pipe tube area. Wintape is professional diameter tape measure manufacturer. We could supply our customer high quality diameter tape measures with competitive price. Welcome to contact us if you have any need. 

One of our customers from Hungary order 500 pcs diameter tape measure with 2 color different logo on 2 position. Please see the reference photos as below.

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