10,000 pcs Customized BMI Measuring Tape Been Sent To Norway

by WinTape

Product: BMI Measuring Tape

Color: Case (customized green) + White tape with black scale and green, orange,and red zone

Order quantity: 10,000 pcs

Tape Size: 1.5m*7mm

Scale Design: Cm on both side 

About the Body Mass Index Measuring Tape:

  • BMI tape measure makes it easy to keep track of health and fitness efforts

  • Easy to read measurement markings and intervals help give accurate readings

  • Pin locks tape in place, allowing you to read measurements by yourself

  • Ergonomic design for simple, one-handed use and push button retraction

  • Durable tape is designed for daily use

Wintape could customized the BMI measuring tape as you want. Please feel free to contact us if you have any need for BMI measuring tape. There are some other shapes for you to choose. Welcome to visit our website: https://www.chinatapemeasure.com/body-tape-measure.

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