To buy cloth tape measure at Wintape

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To buy cloth tape measure at Wintape

Consumers usually see tape measures sold in steel, paper, fiberglass and cloth. Cloth tape measure, also called polyester tape measure, nylon tape measure and fabric tape measure, is often used for body measurement. Soft cloth material is comfortable and safe enough for direct skin-tough to growing babies, expectant mothers and allergic people. Wintape provides the standout in CMYK custom printing and it is available at maximum length up to 4.2m, standard width is less and equal to 50mm, for instance, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm.

Classification of cloth and the usage

As what has been stated above, cloth tape measure is basically used to measure body. We can classify it by its different usage. Soft cloth tape measure can be served as  bra size tape measure, growing baby body measurement, expectant mother waist measurement.

Cloth tape measure VS. Tape measure made of fiberglass

Tape measure that was intended for use in tailoring or dressmaking was created from flexible cloth or plastic. It is usually simple measurement strip made out of vinyl or fiberglass. This makes it perfect for measuring curves and also body parts, and even fabric lengths.

By major application, tape measure created for sewing is made from fiberglass, which does not tear or stretch as fast. A good example of the measuring tape is also seen in the house. The cloth type is frequently found in sewing boxes and comes in handy for easy and quick measuring tasks. It was originally intended for dressmaking purposes.

By material composition, cloth tape measure is made of polyester ribbon and the other is made of fiberglass.
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Cloth VS. Fiberglass

 By advantages, both are soft tape and can measure curvy and straight objects. Tape measure made of cloth(polyester ribbon) is skin-friendly that can touch the skin directly. So it is a perfect choice for measuring body without metallic coolness. The cloth tape is resistant to tear that can high improves its durability. Fiberglass tape is soft and suitable to be installed in different cases of tape measure.

Polyester ribbon tape measure is made with Polyester ribbon, Eco-friendly tape can that passed ROHS, En-71 and 6P (without phthalate)environmental testing. It allows full color printing.Polyester ribbon tape measure can be used to measure clothes' length. The maximum length of the Polyester ribbon tape measure is 5M. It is soft and convenient to use. When you are on diet, it is also a perfect tool to measure waist. It is also a excellent promotional gift for company.

Related products of cloth tape measure

Wintape provides tape measure made of polyester ribbon(cloth-like) which is definitely a good choice for garment industry and related industry participants at competitive price. We offer customized services if you needed.