Self Adhesive Tape Measure For Multiple Use

by WinTape

Self adhesive tape features fixed measurement, blur resistant and waterproof. Adhesive tape with glue on the other side is applicable to be used in machine factory, woodworking and other manufacturing workshops. Wintape provides several kinds of quality adhesive tape measure that can meet various needs. That being said, self adhesive tape measure by Wintape adopts synthetic material that allows CNYK full color printing. The easy-to-clean material has the advantage of clear markings and easy to use, which made it ideal to produce tape measure. The tape is considerately designed two measuring units-metric and imperial units-to serve for the most countries. As a customized tape measure supplier, Wintape also provides tailored tape 

The synthetic adhesive tape measure is steel alike. By allying it on the plat surface, it is convenient to measure wood, cloth and metal strips. The tape has two colors-yellow and silver- at your preference.


Yellow adhesive tape measure


Silver adhesive tape measure


  Inverted tape measure(number starts from right to left)