Introduction of Wintape measuring tools

by WinTape

Wintape measuring tools includes steel tape measures, diameter tape measures, surveyor tape measures, animal weight measuring tape, laser distance meter etc. .

Wintape is specialized in producing many kinds of construction steel tape measure with lengths 3m/5m/7.5m/8m/10m etc. Our steel tape measures are made from ABS plastic case with or without rubber and 65Mn steel tape. The color and the logo of the steel tape measure could be customized.  We also offer many kinds of mini steel tape measures with length 1m/2m tape. The mini steel tape measure with your logo is a handy and attractive gift to promote your company.


Except for the steel tape measure, we also offer tape measure accessories including belt clip, Bi-stable steel slap bracelet strip and steel tape measure strip. Steel tape measure accessories are ideal for application on tape measure, decoration, machine tool etc.

SS-02Wintape is one of the few manufacturers in China, that can produce animal tape. Wintape animal weight measuring tapes are earn popularity in husbandry industry around many countries. Cattle and pig weight measuring tape is a useful measurement tool to estimate the weight of cattle and pig accurately. Horse and pony weight measuring tape is used for measuring the length and the weight of the horse and pony. Also, we could produce the fish measuring tape upon your design.



Diameter Pipe measuring tape is designed for measuring diameter of pipe, tree or any circular objects. The reading for the perimeter, accurate to 1mm. We have internal and outside diameter tape measures to suit your need.


Wintape surveyor tape measures are widely used in many different industries. We could do long fiberglass tape measures with length 10/20/30/50/100/121m etc and long steel tape measures with length 10/20/30/50m.  

Wintape laser tape measure is a perfect tool to quickly know the distance, area and volume of a room. Our laser tape measure are easy to hold and use


Measuring wheel is widely used to measure distance in professional surveying and mapping work, road engineering, golf and lanes etc. The length of measurement range could up to 99999.9m. Our measuring wheel walkers are portable and durable.