How to Read A Disposable Wound Measuring Tape

by WinTape

Wound measuring tape or measuring ruler is a kind of medical tape measure that is widely accepted in emergency aid, community hospital and household measuring. To avoid wound infection, the tape is usually made of anti-bacteria material and tear resistant material. 

Wintape provides a varied collection of wound measuring tapes, including the wound measuring ruler and and wound measuring bullseye. Made of quality art paper or PE, the disposable tape measure is the eligible one for precise measurement.383-6

As mentioned in the passage, generally speaking, wound measuring tape is either a straight soft ruler or a round bullseye. And the numeric reading of the wound ruler just needs to be placed parallel to the wound and record the length on the paper (a disposable medical tape usually contains space for patient recording). Wound measuring bullseye is used to conduct measurement on the body site that is not flat to use wound ruler. Place the wound measuring bullseye in the center of the wound, and read the length. 2