Custom Tailor Tape Measure

by WinTape

Tailor tape measure is usually seen in tailoring, sewing, or tracking fitness and dieting results. And Wintape provides customized tailor tape measure as requested, such as the material (PVC, PE, polyester ribbon), tape color, tape size and scale markings (imperial or metric). The three optional material has its unique strengths, among them, PVC features better corrosion resistance and excellent tensile resistant; PE enjoys strong compressive strength and electrical insulation; and polyester ribbon boasts its skin-friendly fabric and allows more colors printing while ensuring clear scale printing.

Based on size, the regular size: 152cm/60inch length, is the most widest used. Longer tapes are available in 205cm/80inch, 254cm/100inch and 300cm/120inch. Custom tails tape measures are useful for measuring curtains, quilts and other home decor stuff. Other customized sizes are available too, for example, 13mm/16mm/19mm/25mm are standard width sizes.

There are two measuring units of custom tailors tape measure by Wintape---metric and imperial measurements. Metric measurement markings represent measurements in centimeters and millimeters and meters; Imperial measurement markings represent measurements in inches and feet and fractions of inches. Most of our tailor tape measure has both measurements, but we have only metric scales item for the markets which do not use imperial measurement.

All the custom tailors tape measure by Wintape are made of durable yet soft, wear-resistant, and non-stretch for repeated use. They are designed to remain soft and flexible while maintaining accuracy and standing up to long periods of tailoring and other uses. The custom Tailor Tape Measure are often fan-folded neatly with a reusable cardboard band. The item can be custom printed with your logo and/or associated text. Simply upload your artwork and we’ll send you a proof prior to production.

Wintape is a trusted specialist with 20 years experience in finished products like below.

2M Fiberglass Sewing Measuring Band With Custom Paper Band

图片1• Tailor tape measure is made by PVC coated fiberglass which is thick and durable by long time use.

• PVC plastic tape measure can pass RoHS, 6P, En-71 test, it is eco-friendly and does no harm to health of horse. 

PE plastic tape measure especailly fit Japanese market with more stringent environmental requirements.

• We can customize tailor tape measure with your logo or company name, website, etc.

Plastic Tailoring New Invention Body Dressmaker Tape Measure Measurement


• PE measurement tape measure is made with PE plastics and fiberglass, 

fiberglass can make the tape more strong and flexile. 

PE tape with fiberglass provides superior measurement consistency.

• Water and stain resistant; large easy-to-read markings on high-contrast background.

• This ruler measure ranges 0-150 cm and 0-60Inch.Of course, we also can provide

 tape measure of other size, for example, 1m/1.5m/1.8m/2m/3m and so on.

• PE tape measure is lead-free and phthalate free, and it is eco-friendly.

• Used widely for home and company. it is also as a measuring tool for carpenter, 

earthwork and construction, etc.Great accessory for daily life. Great for home use to measure cloth sizes.

Soft Polyester Ribbon Full Color Printing Tailor Tape Measure图片3• Polyester ribbon tape measure is made with Polyester ribbon, 

Eco-friendly tape can pass ROHS, En-71 and 6P (without phthalate)environmental testing.

• We can print any full color design that you need on the tape measure with low minimum order quanities.

• Polyester ribbon tape measure can be used to measure clothes' length. 

The maximum length of the Polyester ribbon tape measure is 5M. It is soft and convenient to use.

• When you are on diet, it is also a perfect tool to measure waist. It is also a excellent promotional gift for company.